ViPR Photoshoot

Following on from our visit to FitPro Convention in April and our amazing opportunity to participate in a session with Michol Dalcourt, the inventor of ViPR (a simple but amazingly effective and diverse tool for whole body flexibility, mobility and strength using the concept of loaded movement training) during which we had photos of us using ViPR, the kind folk at FitPro have been kind enough to send us through the poster showing us using ViPR. We are so excited to be a part of this and to be the face of ViPR in forthcoming marketing material!!

Dan-and-Terri (lo res)

FitPro Convention 2013

We have just got back from attending the FitPro Convention at Loughborough University – what an amazing weekend! We attended practical workshops and lectures covering a broad range of subjects over the course of the two days, sufficient to say that we were both walking like cowboys by the end of the weekend!

The first day started of with a group warm-up using a variety of different tools and techniques, which was followed by a unique opportunity for us to participate in a small group workshop with Michol Dalcourt, the inventor of one our favourite tools, the ViPR. Due to the snow workout video which is one of our earlier news posts, we were specially  selected to participate in this workshop and meet Michol, and also be photographed for use within ViPR promotional material – we are very excited to be one of the faces of ViPR!

ViPR photoshoot

We then had a chance to use ViPR in a huge group play-out, which was all about combining this great tool with moving as much as possible with load, whilst trying to keep the workout fun and interesting, something which we look forward to bring to our clients!


Next we had the opportunity to use another great training tool, the kettlebell in some innovative new ways, combining the dynamic movements possible with some multiplanar action for whole body benefits – exciting stuff!


The rest of the day was occupied with lectures, including an interesting discussion from Pete Cohen regarding the role that cholesterol plays in our lives and daily body function.

Day 2 turned out to be a more sedate affair (as our glutes were in desperate need of a break), so we started of with ViPR movement preparation and how to use it to hydrate the fascia, the inter-connective tissue that holds our muscles together, and which plays a massively important role in good movement patterns. Another lecture after this, with a previous winner of TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’, and how to get into the mindset of weight-loss clients. Then we had another practical session, a great hour spent in the company of the Box-ercise team learning pad-work for beginners and clients. This lead onto another ViPR session with the great Bill Sonnemaker, one of the world’s leading movement experts – again huge benefit for clients .

ViPR workout group shot2

After a few more lectures, we finished off the weekend in the company of loads of other fitness professionals in one last ViPR group workout to show how it can be used for strength training in multi-directional sport.

ViPR workout group shot

All in all a fantastic weekend spent in the company of like-minded people, and we walked away with some amazing insights (but we were only able to walk away very slowly and gingerly, as I’m sure most of our clients can relate too!!!)

ViPR Snow Workout

ViPR is an excellent take-anywhere functional training tool which we love to use at FX Fitness – so the recent record snowfall was a good opportunity to get out and use one of our ViPRs in the field outside our studio overlooking St. Helier – no matter how cold the weather, a ViPR workout always gets your heart-rate and challenges you through whole body movements and core-focused exercises – as soon as the snow has cleared, why not pay us a visit and see what our team can do for you?

CYQ Group Indoor Cycling Course


Dan is following Terri’s footsteps and has just spent the last two weekends on his CYQ Group Indoor Cycling Course learning how to become an Indoor Cycling Instructor. His assessment is on the 16th March 2013, after which he will be qualified to start taking classes!

We hope to see Dan start covering classes in various island gyms soon!

Quids In Deal

Quids In Deal

Thanks to everyone who purchased our Quids In deal – 25 vouchers sold! We can’t wait to start bringing all our new clients in the our gym and helping them achieve their goals!!


We have had our first Quids In customer come in for their taster session on 4 March – we hope all our clients are as fit and eager as her!

Jersey Marathon Relay Team Entered!

The FX Fitness running coaches

Terri and Dan have just entered their FX Fitness team for this year’s Jersey Marathon – last year our team came 11th overall and 5th in the mixed, and this year we hope to do even better!

If you are thinking of running this year’s marathon, whether it be the whole thing or as part of a team, please contact us – as seasoned runners and UK Athletics Coaching Assistants, we can offer you running coaching, training and advice – we’ll help you run your best race ever!

Iceman 2013

Following the disappointment of The City of London cancelling last weekend’s Southern Counties Cross Country at Parliament Hill in London, with some last minute reshuffling, a lot of luck and some excellent driving, Dan participated in the Human Race Iceman challenge at Deepcut Arm Barracks in Frimley as part of the Jersey Spartan Athletics Team on Saturday 26th January 2013. The event was a 16 kilometer (10 mile) trail race on what is basically an army training area in heavily wooded surroundings. The course was brutal, with a lot of ice, snow and mud, challenging ascents, fast and technical descents, varying terrain and all at sub-zero temperatures. Despite the conditions, Dan managed to put in a solid race and came in 28th runner overall in 1:18:40

The Jersey Spartan Team had some fantastic results, with many of the team coming in top of their age group category, and a clean sweep at the top of the board of the shorter 11k race, with Spartans runners coming in first, second and third places. Overall a fantastic event and an unforgettable weekend.


Dan and Craig Meredith on a downhill stretch

Bridal Path Wedding Fayre

Do you know anyone that wants to get fit & healthy for their “big day”?

FX Fitness will be exhibiting themselves at the Bridal Path Wedding Fayre Sunday 20th January 2013 at the R.J.A. & H.S. Come & visit us & enter our competition to win two free PT sessions. Visitors will also get given a discount code which will entitle anyone making a block booking 10% upto 90 days after the wedding fayre.

Here is a picture of us 5 days before our wedding!!!!!

Boxing Day Fun Run

VIP Visit to FX Fitness Gym!


Today we were privileged to invite Highlands College CYQ Course Director Glenda Rivoallan to have a look around our new facilities – the verdict?

“Thought it was amazing and you guys should be immensely proud of what you have achieved – FX Fitness has all the potential with fantastic leadership !!!!”

Thanks Glenda!!

The gym is finished!

The FX Fitness Gym and Personal Training Studio is now finished!!!!!

Below is a short video showing the progression of the build

Please check out our Gallery page for more photos.

Terri & Dan wish to thank all friends and family, contractors and suppliers and everyone who provided their input no matter how big or small to make our dream become a reality!

We look forward to inviting people to try out our studio for a free taster session, and are keen to get started with our Clients in the very near future!!!